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Emergency Information

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Current volcanic activity of Mt Kusatsu-Shirane (As of January 24, 2018)

Information from the Japan Meteorological Agency (As of January 24, 2018)

Current volcanic activity of Mt Kusatsu-Shirane

Near-crater warning (Volcanic Warning Level 3, Do not approach the volcano)

Current warnings/advisories

Please beware of large, flying volcanic debris caused by the eruption within a radius of approx. 2 kilometers of Kagamiike Pond on Mt Motoshiranesan.

During eruptions, there is a danger that not only volcanic ash but also small pieces of debris can be carried by the wind and fall downwind of the eruption site.
Strong atmospheric vibrations caused by explosive eruptions may cause window glass to break, so please take caution.
Volcanic gas has been spotted in several areas. Highly-concentrated volcanic gas will stagnate in nearby basins and valleys, so please take caution.
Avalanches have also been reported on site, so please be wary of avalanches.

Municipalities affected by the volcanic warning

Please be warned that entry to the mountain is restricted around the vicinity of the crater in the following municipalities:

Gunma Prefecture: Tsumagoi Village, Kusatsu Town

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