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Emergency Information

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Volunteer Medical Interpreters are available

The Gunma prefectural government trains and dispatches medical interpreters to hospitals in order to make sure its foreign residents are able to see a doctor when they want to without worrying about their ability to speak Japanese.

Who are volunteer interpreters?

They translate, on a volunteer basis, for the Gunma residents who are not able to communicate sufficiently with doctors and other medical professionals in Japanese.

How do I go about using this service?

Ask the staff or social worker of your hospital for your need of an interpreter.  To use this service, hospitals must have an agreement with the prefectural government.

What languages are available?

There are interpreters in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Indonesian, Korean, and Thai as of July 31, 2015. Please note that interpreter’s availability is subject to confirmation.

Is there a fee involved?

You will be required to pay JPY2,000 to your interpreter as a transportation fee.

Where can I use this service?

You can use this service at hospitals with which the prefectural government has an agreement, including Kenritsu Byoin or prefectural hospitals and Hokenjo or health and welfare offices.  For specific medical institutions, please ask your local municipal office or at Kencho or the Gunma Prefectural Government at the number below.


Gunma-ken Jinkendanjo-Tabunka Kyosei-ka
(Human Rights, Gender Equality, and Multicultural Promotion Division)
Phone:  027-226-3396 FAX:027-220-4424

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Human Rights,Gender Equality, and Multicultural Promotion Division
1-1-1 Ote-machi, Maebashi-shi Gunma 371-8570 JAPAN
TEL 027-226-3396
FAX 027-220-4424