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Emergency Information

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[Produce from Gunma] Declaration of Safety!

The restriction on spinach and kakina has been lifted.

Thank you for your patronage of produce from Gunma.

We were instructed to restrict the shipment of spinach and kakina from Gunma on March 21st by the Director-General of Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters.  The safety test on April 8th confirmed that safety levels have remained under the preliminary control value for three consecutive weeks.  The Director-General of Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters has lifted all restrictions on shipment.

 [We are proud to announce that all produce from Gunma is safe.]

Gunma prefecture will continue monitoring and testing local produce.  We will make periodic announcements informing you of all matters related to safety.  We ask for your continued patronage of Gunma produce.

Because the restrictions on produce have been especially hard on local farmers, we are happy to announce to our farmers that there are no longer any restrictions on producing or shipping produce.

We have all been waiting for this day. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

April 8, 2011
Masaaki Osawa
Governor of Gunma